The trouble with blogging

For some people blogging appears to come so naturally. They always have something meaningful to say. For me, despite best intentions my blog in recent years has been neglected. I just made a separate post, that was the first post in over a year (a year and twenty two days or so). There must be a better way. Seinfeld had a method for writing called the “chain method,” he would put an X on a calendar each day never wanting to break the chain. This motivated him to write daily. In the same fashion, the habit of writing tends to lend itself to more writing. This is all about habits, its about curating time in my life to take unproductive time and do something useful like writing (blogging). It is with that, that I must re-evaluate my daily routines and make more time to blog integrating that into my daily habits. 

My Relationship with Books

I have always found it facinating the books that people read. Walking into a co-workers office and admiring their collection of paper based knowledge, always curious what I was missing out on. I have always found it hard to find the time to read everything I want. I sometimes find I have more books than an ability to read them. I have bought books that for years have sat lonely on my shelf, waiting for that right time to crack them open. In one case, a friend mentioned a book I should ready. I returned home, hopped onto Amazon only to find Amazon telling my that I had already bought that book (ten years earlier), at that moment, I rose from my chair and walked straight to where that book was on my shelf. For me books are like a form of delayed experience, a reference when I need it. It is rare for me to read fiction, I mostly find myself reading non-fiction but on occasion I might indulge in some form of exceptional science fiction. Usually though its either something to help improve a skill, myself, or my ability to think. I know books make some people more interesting. In some cases a lifetime of books is the assembled knowledge and hours upon hours of dedicated reading. I even got a book on how to read a book, which at the time felt like an oxymoron as if you did not know how to read a book, how would you read a book on that topic? I bought the audiobook. I actually listen to many audiobooks. I have indulged my one other passion for historical biographies of prominent people. Audiobooks enable me to capitalize on the drive time to and from the office. I find that I feel more productive than from listening to music or talking on the phone. I feel like I am pushing forward and making a difference. When I read a story like Bill Gates sitting on the steps outside a class he was missing reading books. I wonder what those books were. I wondered enough that I emailed him. I got a response from his people, mostly they directed me from his foundation to his blog. On his blog they had a reading list, but this was books that were currently recommended. I still have not figured out the answer to my original question. Perhaps someday. Sometimes I find books that other people find amazing — just don’t speak to me. Other times I recommend books to people who I think would greatly enjoy something only to find they could not get into the book. I tend to annoy friends and family when they ask me how to do something and I recommend one or many books to read. Typically they never follow through and often just wanted an answer not a solution. It has occurred to me that books are mostly going away, being replaced with digital formats. Will there come a time that traditional books no longer exist, only their digital forms? Will our grandchildren even remember books? In the same way that we may not remember 8-track tapes, or how our children do not remember pay phones? Some people have their bookshelves reflect who they are as a person, each book having personal meaning. Others collect books almost as a hobby. For me my books represent the things I know and often many things I have forgotten. Some I remember only the decision to buy the book, others I intend to read (hoping the information is still relevant later), still others I find having a special place both as I bonded with the book somewhere in my history and remember fondly the experience of participating with the words on the page.